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| Last Updated:: 15/07/2014

Maneka Gandhi speaks of sacred trees and groves



CHENNAI:  Do plants speak? 'Yes', said Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Union minister of women and child development, on Saturday. "Every plant speaks to the other in a musical language of its own," she said, narrating an incident she experienced in Damanhur, a unit of spiritual communities, in Italy. 

"A device developed in Damanhur captured electromagnetic changes on the surface of leaves and roots and transformed them into sounds. When they first attached the device in two plants of the same species, they spoke fluently in a musical language of their own. When they tried the same with different species, they found that each one spoke in a different language," she said, after releasing "Sacred Plants of India", written by Nanditha Krishna and M Amirthalingam here. 

Published by Penguin Books, "Sacred Plants of India" traces the sociocultural roots of plants found in the Indian subcontinent, narrating in detail the interesting stories behind sacred trees and groves. 


Source: Times of India,  July 13, 2014