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| Last Updated:: 21/02/2023

World Heritage sites in Maha get max funds, highest footfall at UP monuments





The tourism industry has made a strong recovery after suffering through pandemic-induced lockdowns and travel restrictions. In the latest Union Budget, the government has allocated ₹2,400 crore to the tourism sector, significantly higher than the ₹1,343 crore revised estimate for the previous year. Under the new “Dekho Apna Desh” programme, it is set to promote and develop 50 destinations to boost domestic tourism. Recent answers to questions in Parliament show that both footfall and revenues specifically at Unesco-recognised World Heritage sites are gradually rising, though expenditure on maintaining these sites is yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, finds Richa Gandhi.




Source: The Times of India Chennai, 17/02/2023, pg.flap 2.