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| Last Updated:: 19/12/2016

'Wildlife Institute of India must come up with monitoring protocol on the health of rivers and lakes in the country'










DEHRADUN : Union environment minister Anil Madhav Dave directed scientists of Wildlife Institute of India (WII) to come up with monitoring protocol on rivers and lakes in the country . He also asked them to bring about amicable solution to the burgeoning subject of human-wildlife conflict which is becoming major political issue in many states.



Dave who inaugurated new block of guest house and women hostel at WII said, "It is not merely Ganga and Yamuna, but other rivers and lakes too are in critical condition in the country. So WII must come up with monitoring protocol for the health of these riverine bodies. The protocol would describe if a river or lake is somewhat healthy or resilient or deteriorating rapidly. This would help the Centre to gear up for solutions well in time."


The minister also appeared quite concerned about the complicated issue of human-wildlife conflicts and told the wildlife scientists "to take up this issue at war footing level as it has become a major issue in the country, and political in many states. So scientists must give us an amicable solution which do not harm the wildlife species at conflict but control their prolific population."


He indicated towards the population of monkeys and wild boar which has erupted in many states and made life difficult for local people especially the farmers. He said, he looked forward to scientists coming up with a solution to control the unchecked breeding of these species.



Dave who himself come from research background also gave useful tips to the scientists in this regard. He said that their research should go beyond the boundaries of their job profile or else the purpose of such research would be defeated. He asked them to develop their own techniques and tools and should avoid going abroad for research.







Source: The Times of India