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| Last Updated:: 12/12/2014

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Makeover plans: Encroachments have to be first removed for the idea to become a reality. A view of Kapaleeswarar Temple tank. Photo: K.V. Srinivasan

There is good news for devotees visiting the Kapaleeswarar Temple. They would soon be able to walk around the beautiful temple tank in a more leisurely manner. According to reports, the recently held Corporation Council meet has proposed the creation of a swanky walkway around the 2,66, 000 sq.ft. tank.


Certain obvious hurdles have to be removed before this idea becomes a reality. One of them is encroachments around the tank bund. “We are not sure when the project will start, but the Corporation is serious about it. They have to tackle encroachments first on the Mada streets. But, eviction would be possible only after a complex similar to the one at Pondy Bazaar is constructed for the roadside vendors here. It might take some time,” says J. B. Chandirka, councillor of Ward 124.


A few years ago, officials from Zone 9 of the Corporation conducted a meeting to gauge public opinion on the matter. Nothing however was done following the exercise.


At present, the tank has been divided into different portions with a few gates allowing temple authorities to enter and conduct special rituals. At other times, these gates are kept locked. The other portions are cordoned off with barbed wires. In the area stretching from the wall to the tank, plants are being grown to add a dash of green to the water body. This area is however hardly maintained. Some even use the space to dump garbage. A pavement around it can help stop this practice.


Devotees like Radhika Venkatesh are happy about the news. “We remember how the tank was a few years ago, without water and maintenance. Then steps were taken to artificially fill it, which was followed by rain water harvesting initiatives. Now, the tank looks splendid throughout the year. A few ducks add to its beauty. If devotees are allowed to walk around it, it would be truly rejuvenating.”