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| Last Updated:: 01/01/2015

Water Week Govt to launch major water conservation drive in January

 NEW DELHI: India will observe Water Week during January 13 -17, 2015 when every district of the country will launch a major central government-backed initiative - called Hamara Jal-Hamara Jeewan (Our water-Our life) - to make people aware of need for water conservation and brainstorm on future roadmap to manage water for growth. 

The initiative assumes significance in view of growing demand of water in domestic and industrial sectors due to population growth and increasing emphasis on manufacturing for overall economic development under the Narendra Modi government. 

Since the source of water in the country is limited, it has long been felt that the future demand can only be met through judicious use of available resources. 

As awareness is the key to conserve water, the government has conceived the plan to observe the Water Week and involve local administration in propagating the message of conservation through various activities and workshops. 

Announcing the broader plan of the initiative, Union water resources minister Uma Bharti on Wednesday said one day workshop will be organized in every district during the Water Week to find solution for meeting the water related demands and suggest future roadmap to manage water for growth. 

She said, "Each district, as an administrative unit is proposed to be targeted for organizing the event which will be a part of the central scheme for highlighting the importance and generating awareness about water conservation". 

The minister also addressed the principal secretaries of water resources/irrigation of various states through video-conference and asked them to make the initiative successful by engaging scientists, engineers, water conservationists, NGOs and other stakeholders "to address the issues of water resources planning at the local level and to generate awareness regarding need for water conservation". 

An amount of Rs 50,000 has been earmarked for organizing the event in each district by the Union ministry of water resources. Besides, state water resources department have also been requested to mobilize additional funds available with them under their respective schemes. 

During the workshop, it is planned to prepare a profile of each district covering its source of water, utilization for various uses and constraint, possible local solutions for meeting the unsatisfied demands and future roadmap to manage water for growth. 

The states have been asked to submit a report in this regard after the workshop. The recommendations received during the deliberations will be used for preparation of an overview of state level recommendations. Such recommendations would enable the Union ministry to utilize the same for policy making.