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| Last Updated:: 01/11/2017

Survey finds surprise sighting of Indian Emerald dragonfly











The sighting of the Indian Emerald, which was mentioned in F.C. Fraser’s book The Fauna of British India, after 80 years was the major finding of the first-ever dragonfly survey held in the Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR) east division from October 27 to 29. 



Of 157 species of dragonflies reported in the State, 77 species were found during the survey, PTR deputy director Silpa V. Kumar told The Hindu on Tuesday. 



Dragonflies have a major role in evaluating the ecological importance of a region, as their existence is sensitive to the changes in a forest environment. A major focus of the survey was the study on the migratory movement of the Wandering Glinder in the Eravinkalar and Manalar section of the PTR. Of the 43 species of dragonflies and 34 damselflies, 10 were endemic to the Western Ghats. 



The occurrence of Platysticta deccanensis (saffron reedtail), Hemicordulia asiatica (Asian emerald), Epithemis mariae (Rubytailed hawklet) and Indolestes gracilis were among the endemic species found in the survey in various camps. 




Significant survey 




Dragonfly survey is as important as the butterfly survey as they are parameters of the richness of flora and pollution of water bodies in the forest system. They constitute an important link in the food chain as prey to birds and snakes, said Ms. Kumar. 



Earlier studies have shown that dragonfly could control mosquitoes and supports a healthy waterbody. 



The survey was jointly conducted by the Periyar Tiger Conservation Foundation, Indian Dragonfly Society and the Forest and Wildlife Department.









Source: The Hindu