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| Last Updated:: 24/12/2021

Reviving 400-year-old Mughal era water structures to combat climate change in MP’s Burhanpur





by Manish Chandra Mishra





As per climate change vulnerability assessment report 2016-17, the Burhanpur district in general, and the city in particular, is classified under severe water stress areas.

A 400-year-old unique water supply network ‘Kundi Bhandara’ built by Mughals is being restored to improve access to water and help solve the water crisis of the city.

Khundi Bhandara network is a traditional water harvesting system used for supplying drinking water to households. In Burhanpur there is a network of 110 kundis (vertical shafts) to provide water supply in the Lalbagh area of the city.

Revival of traditional water structures like Kundi Bhandara can be replicated to combat climate change in other cities of Madhya Pradesh.