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| Last Updated:: 05/02/2018

Raj Prashasti - India’s longest stone etchings in Rajasthan cry for upkeep











Udaipur: Rajsamand Lake attracts visitors not only for its natural beauty but also for historical reasons. One of the major attractions being, 'Raj Prashasti', the largest and longest stone etchings in India, on the embankment of the lake. 



Sadly, the heritage stone inscriptions are in a state of utter neglect with no serious preservation efforts made in past 40 years. Some of the iron angles put up years ago, to keep the inscriptions safe, have been taken away by miscreants and those that remain, more than protecting the slabs, block the vision for the visitors who want to have a look at the etchings. The priceless treasure of the past has been craving for the modern technique of upkeep. There is not a single signage anywhere to inform visitors on the importance of the etchings, acclaimed as the largest and longest in the country. 



"Raj Prashasti is one of the most authentic and dated histories of the Mewar royals and 'Guhil Rajvansh'. On 25 marble slabs are inscribed in 24 chapters-1,106 Sanskrit shlokas narrating the minutest details of rulers from the 7th to 17th century. Maharana Raj Singh got it made to commemorate the construction of Rajsamand Lake, however, Maharana Jai Singh got the Raj Prashasti installed," historian and writer Dr SriKrishna Jugnu said. 



The inscription was written by king Ranchhod Bhatt, a Telengana Brahmin from Karnataka who prefixed 'TelanganadhiPati' title before his name. Perhaps this is a reason, the wri