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| Last Updated:: 27/09/2016

Novel initiative to preserve ancient trees in Dungarpur









In Dungarpur, there is a general tendency to cut down old trees in forests considering them useless. In fact, only a few may know that all trees in a forest eco-system are interconnected. The largest, oldest trees serve as 'mother trees' or 'hubs'. They enable sharing of resources and nutrients consequently helping the whole system of trees and plants to flourish.


In a bid to prevent the felling of old trees and sensitize people on the importance of preserving them, the district administration in Dungarpur has come up with a unique initiative.


Oldest surviving trees in every panchayat, ward and town in Dungarpur will be officially declared as 'mother trees'. On Gandhi Jayanti, gram sabhas will be held where community oaths will be taken by people to conserve such trees.


The initiative is the brainchild of collector Surendra Singh Solanki who has written a letter to all block development officers, CEO-zila parishad for identification of such oldest living trees in their areas.



"Not all old trees would qualify as mother trees. We will select trees among varieties that bear fruit or provide shade like banyan, mango, peepal, arjun, tamarind, kalp vriksha, mahua, semal, gular, molshree and rayani, etc." collector Solanki told TOI.



A minimum of 5 and maximum 10 trees in every panchayat or ward, situated on publicly visible areas, would be identified. A signage declaring them as mother trees would be put up.


"On any auspicious or special day, a public function would be held wherein the selected trees would be sprinkled with saffron water and the residents would take an oath to protect them," Solanki said.



"Besides, sarpanch and BDOs would also ensure that people do not litter around the protected trees. A platform would be made around these trees to preserve its sanctity," he said. 







Source: The Times of India