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| Last Updated:: 25/09/2014

NGT orders MoEF to finalise demarcation of eco-sensitive areas

The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) submitted a confusing affidavit to the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Monday, saying State governments in the Western Ghats region may, after undertaking demarcation of Eco-sensitive Areas (ESA) by physical verification, propose the exclusion/inclusion of certain areas in the draft notification dated March 10, 2014.


This draft notification issued by MoEF was based on the ESA demarcated by the High level working group (HLWG) headed by K. Kasturirangan.


The Ministry had stated in an earlier affidavit on August 27 that it was not processing Madhav Gadgil’s report on the Western Ghats. Monday’s affidavit filed by MoEF secretary Ashok Lavasa however, indicates the Ministry’s willingness to include more areas under ESAs, prompting the NGT to ask if those areas demarcated by Dr. Gadgil should form the basis then.


Justice Swatanter Kumar of the NGT asked the counsel for the Ministry to take direction from secretary or additional secretary on the question of demarcating ESAs. He said that if Kerala had completed its demarcation of ESAs, then let it be finalised. He ticked off the Ministry for the delay in deciding on ESAs despite Kerala having completed its demarcation.


He indicated that the NGT wanted closure on the matter, which was going on for two years, by Wednesday.