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| Last Updated:: 24/11/2016

Minister Anil Madhav Dave calls for strict implementation of environmental laws










Union Environmental Minister Anil Madhav Dave today said there should be strict implementation of the environmental laws to save and conserve the country's natural resources. He, however, said that the implementation might involve some difficulties on the ground level, but it has to be done. He emphasised the importance of finance in ensuring compliance of the laws. Speaking in 'the club of Rome-Annual Conference-2016' on the subject of ' Securing the forests, land and soils for all', he also urged the people to follow 'sustainable consumption and production patterns' across the country.




The Minister also stressed on the importance of the pre-2020 action, aimed to immediately stave off the worst impacts of the climate crisis. "We made this demand in COP22 as well," he said pointing out the recent United Nations Climate Change conference held in Morocco, adding that securing natural resources was in-built and it was naturally in our tradition and culture. Humanity now needs the bio-capacity of 1.7 Earths to obtain the resources used by the global economy, up from about 0.5 Earths in 1950s. And India needs some 1.5 India's to sustain itself, up from the 0.3 or 0.4 India's it needed at the time of Independence, said Mr Ranjit Barthakur, Secretary General of Club of Rome-India. "The greatest challenge on our planet would be meet out the demands when the population will cross over 9 billion by 2050 -- which will require 50 percent additional power, access to 30 percent more water and availability of 50 percent more food", he added. Dr Ashok Khosla Trustee club of Rome-India said, "we need retrospective policy analysis, which in turn will lead to prospective policy analysis pertaining to forest, environment and ecosystem protection at large."