Envis Centre, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

Printed Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Measures to be Adopted





For Pilgrims



  • Pilgrims must understand that the whole area-hill or forest - is a sacred place, not just the shrine within it.


  • Trash disposal is a key issue. Pilgrims must keep in mind that they should not litter the forest with food leftovers, plastic bags and bottles, and other items


  • Pilgrims must be banned from carrying plastic bags and bottles before they start their pilgrimage


  • The pilgrims may be cautioned not to make noises or sing or use musical instruments as these may disturb wildlife.


  • Adequate measures have to be taken not to infringe on the animal corridor. One should coordinate with forest officials as they are well aware of the movement of animals


  • As we regard animals as sacred, it is the prime responsibility of each and every pilgrim to safeguard the animal wealth of our country.  



For the administration



  • Adequate signages in English and vernacular languages are required to guide pilgrims to drop litter in the bins and keep the temple premises clean are essential.


  • Composting and recycling initiatives could become an example to other places of worship


  • All polythene bags must be banned


  • Pilgrims must carry reusable water bottles for drinking water


  • Local municipalities must provide adequate toilet facilities and keep them clean


  • Pilgrims must keep the temple premises clean


  • Solar power installations to provide lighting and for cooking will cut carbon emissions as well as energy-efficient light bulbs


  • Rainwater harvesting structures would conserve water and reduce COemissions


  • Fuel-efficient cooking methods must be used during festivals.