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Printed Date: Monday, February 26, 2024

Mandapeshwar Cave




The Mandapeshwar Cave is an 8th Century rock-cut shrine dedicated to Shivalocated near Mount Poinsur in Borivali, a suburb of Mumbai in Maharashtra, India.


The cave is believed to have been built approximately 1500 to 1600 years ago, nearly around the same time as Jogeshwari caves (which were built between 520-550 AD).

The Mandapeshwar cave is smaller and lesser known as compared to the Kanheri Caves. The ruins of an old Portuguese-built church stand on top of the cave.






This cave consists of a main garbhagriha, antarala, mandapa and open space called prangana in front of it. Provision of stair cases at the level of mandapa is provided, where on its both sides, lions are depicted. Few Shaivaite narrative panels including Natraj, image of Lakulisa in Vyakhyana mudra are sculpted here.












Mandapeshwer cave has sculptures of Nataraja, Sadashiva and a splendid sculpture of Ardhanarishvara. It also has Ganesha, Brahma and Vishnu statuettes. These Works depict the mythical tales of the Hindu gods and goddesses. Even today an elaborate sculpture representing the marriage of Shiva with Parvati may be viewed from the large square window at the south end of these caves. The cave is declared as an archaeological heritage site and therefore is protected under law.






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