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| Last Updated:: 23/05/2017

‘India must learn from Bhutan’s sustainable tourism model’












Panaji: India has much to learn about sustainable tourism from Bhutan, said Amita Prasad, additional secretary, ministry of environment, forest and climate.  




"The small country focuses on high value, low impact tourism and is not concerned with the number of tourists it receives. It has studied the carrying capacity for various aspects of tourism and ensures that every tourist group is accompanied by a tourist guide, who besides briefing them about various sites, ensures their garbage is collected and that they don't leave a large carbon footprint in pristine ecologically sensitive areas," Prasad said, adding that the system of being accompanied by a guide can be replicated in India too, especially at environmentally vulnerable areas that are tourist attractions. 




She was speaking at the International Day for Biological Diversity celebrations, organised by the ministry of environment, forest and climate change, national biodiversity authority and the Goa State Biodiversity Board, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme. 




Principal secretary department of environment and forests Ranbir Singh said that 115 biodiversity management committees have been set up in the state of which 13 have already prepared their biodiversity registers.








Source: The Times of India