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| Last Updated:: 30/04/2016

Government departments, ministries asked to hire only CNG vehicles










Environment ministry has written to all ministries and central government departments located in the national capital to hire only CNG-fuelled vehicles. Sources said the move is being taken to send the message that government departments are keen to comply with green norms.


TOI has learnt that soon after the letter reached ministries and departments on Tuesday, several of them started identifying the vehicles that are plying on petrol or diesel mode. The communication from an advisor in the ministry of environment, forests and climate change came following an advisory issued by the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) to restrict the usage of such vehicles and hiring only CNG-fuelled ones.



In recent years, the share of government-owned vehicles has reduced significantly and departments are more dependent on hired vehicles. There are also reports of how availability of vehicles is often less when odd-even is in force and thereby causing huge inconvenience to the staff.


Sources said the government is also working on a policy to retire old diesel vehicles. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court had sought response of government on its plan to get rid of old polluting vehicles.



Meanwhile, some of the ministries have also woken up to reports of private vehicles that have been hired for transporting officials. "This is a serious issue since in case of any mishap the occupants won't get any compensation from third party insurance. Private vehicles cannot be used for commercial purpose and it's a violation of the law," one senior official of a ministry said.


He added hiring only CNG vehicles and those with commercial numbers will send a positive message to the people at large about the government's commitment to the green cause.





Source: The Times of India