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Printed Date: Monday, February 26, 2024

Ghaziabad RWAs call for ban on plastic burning

 GHAZIABAD: Following the imposition of a ban on plying of diesel-run vehicles older than 10 years in the NCR by National Green Tribunal last week, Ghaziabad residents have urged the municipal commissioner to impose a blanket ban on burning of plastic waste and biomass in open areas in the city.


In a letter dated April 11, the RWA Federation of Ghaziabad has drawn the attention of the municipal commissioner to the fact that biomass was being burned in Ghaziabad in large quantities, thereby releasing carbon monoxide and particulate matter into the air.


The federation has demanded an immediate ban on burning of biomass because levels of PM 2.5 - ultrafine particulate matter of sizes less than 2.5 micrometeres - whose limits have been breached several times in Ghaziabad. Studies conducted by the UP Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) have revealed that PM 2.5 levels have hovered over three to four times the safe limits in Ghaziabad in the past five months.


"The contrary is also not acceptable, that is, biomass cannot be allowed to rot since it will ooze out benzene which is again a health hazard. Therefore, the need to convert biomass into compost is mandatory," the federation has argued in its letter.


According to the federation, burning of plastic waste and municipal solid waste is rampant throughout the city, which contributes a great deal towards environmental pollution by reducing ambient air quality. Besides, the federation has demanded that diesel-powered generator sets be replaced with solar panels in government departments wherever possible. They have further demanded covering of municipal solid waste with plastic or polythene covers while it is being transported for dumping.


"We are considering the issues regarding environmental pollution that have been raised by residents. However, we haven't taken any final decision in this matter so far," said Ghaziabad municipal commissioner Abdul Samad.