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Printed Date: Monday, February 26, 2024

Assam floods - Kaziranga loses 107 animals












JORHAT: Kaziranga National Park has lost 107 animals, including seven rhinos, in the recent wave of floods that began on July 5 and lasted for 15 days. 




According to a report received from the divisional forest officer (Kaziranga) on Tuesday, all seven rhinos died of drowning. One rhino was rescued by the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) and another is being treated in CWRC. 




"A total of 107 animals, including 63 hog deer, five swamp deer, two sambars, a leopard, two buffaloes and two porcupines, died in Kaziranga during the floods. Of them, 72 animals died of drowning and 13 were hit by vehicles on NH37 while crossing the highway to go to the nearby Karbi hills in search of higher ground. The remaining died of other causes," the report said. It added that 130 animals - 125 hog deer, four swamp deer and a rhino - were rescued by forest staff, CWRC and locals. 




Floods affected all six ranges of the park - Agoratoli, Bagori, Kohora, Burapahar, Biswanathghat and Bokakhat. Of the 178 anti-poaching camps in Kaziranga, 135 were submerged by the floodwaters. 




Seven anti-poaching camps - two in Kohora, four in Biswanathghat and one in the Agoratoli forest range - were evacuated. The evacuated anti-poaching camps are Bokabeel and Thungru in Kohora, Gaitapu, Gopaljaroni, Hockfloat and Kohua in Biswanathghat and Sapekhati in Agoratoli. 




Kaziranga is planning to submit a flood-damage report to the government on Wednesday. Talking to TOI, park director SN Singh said, "We are preparing a report of damage during the floods and will submit it on Wednesday." He added, "A preliminary report has already been sent to the government. Now the flood situation has improved and we have prepared our final report. The park incurred damages worth more than Rs 7 crore. The government should sanction the same for taking up repairs."









Source: The Times of India