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| Last Updated:: 09/10/2015

Ananthagiri Hills All Set for a Makeover




HYDERABAD:  The picturesque Ananthagiri Hills located in a pristine and dense forest region, close to Vikarabad in Rangareddy district, is set for rejuvenation, thanks to the initiative launched by Task Force for Sundara Ananthagiri (TFSA).


Project Sundara Ananthagiri has been conceived to sensitise the citizens specially children about their tryst with nature, the bounty of Ananthagiri and the need to care for forests. These hills have a large species of medicinal plants, endemic and rare plants. About 150 species of birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles and other animals are found in these forests.


It would be inaugurated on October 10 to coincide with the launch of an awareness campaign among school and college goers through literary competitions to be held atop the hills. About 500 students from 32 schools and 13 colleges will take part in the essay writing, elocution and painting competitions for all school and college children of Vikarabad.


With the bird sightings, poised to increase in the coming months, a multi-institutional programme with the collaboration of the district administration and forest department is to set up bird watching stations, screen educative films about the environment




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