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| Last Updated:: 18/02/2022

A fleet of flutter








  • Even when life as we know it has been up in the air the past few years, there are a few things you can count on, it seems. Like the presence of the common kingfisher by a waterbody, flamingos quietly and collectively walking away the closer you get to them and – not to forget – Vedanthangal welcoming its foreign visitors this time every year.



  • This year, pandemic or not, has been no different at the bird sanctuary that’s been through its fair share of troubles recently. The bird census has also brought in more good news, confirming the presence of several vulnerable and nearly-extinct species.



  • That the near-threatened oriental darter finds a home at Vedanthangal shows much can be done with enough time and just enough human intervention.


  • TNIE lensman Debadatta Mallick follows the trail of the winged companions.



Source: The New Indian Express Chennai Supplement, 17/02/2022, pg.1.