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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023








Yanaimalai (Elephant Hill) is a protected monument and tourist attraction in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. It has Jain Caves and two Rock - cut Hindu temples.


Yanaimalai is considered a sacred place by the Tamil Jains. Jain monks lived here during the Pandyan Dynasty. At the top of the hill can be found caves containing Jain bas relief sculptures of  Mahavira, Gomateshwara, and other tirthankara fashioned by Jain monks. There are also stone beds used by the monks for resting. Tamil-Brahmi and Vattelettu inscriptions can be found on the hill.











Two Hindu temples are present at the foothills, one being the Ladan cave temple (Ladan koil) a Shaivite temple dedicated to Murugan, and the other being Yoga Narasimha temple dedicated to Vishnu. Both are rock-cut temples constructed by the Pandyas, belonging to the 8th century.









The place where the Yoga Narasimha temple is situated is known as Narasingam. Tamil-Brahmi and Vattelettu inscriptions in the temples show their history. The Ladan temple has been declared a protected monument by the Archeological Survey of India.