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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023





Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy Temple or  Yadagirigutta is a popular Hindu Temple of  Narasimha Swamy, an incarnation Lord Vishnu. It is situated on a hillock in the Nalgonda district, Telangana, India, 60 kilometers from the city of Hyderabad.







In Tretayugam , there lived a sage by the name of  Yadarishi, son of the great sage Rishyasrunga and Shanta Devi who did penance inside a cave with the blessings of  Anjaneya (Hanuman) on this hill between Bhongir (Bhuvanagiri) and Raigiri (in Nalgonda district of Telangana, India). Pleased with his deep devotion, Lord Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu appeared before him in five different forms as Jwala, Yogananda, Gandabherunda, Ugra and Lakshminarasimha. They later manifested themselves into finely sculpted forms that later came to be worshiped as Pancha Narasimha Kshetram.







There are Purana and traditional accounts of this Shrine which are widely popular among the devotees. There is mention about the origin of this temple in the Skanda Purana, one of the famous 18 puranas.


Glowing bright atop the sikharam of garbha griha (Sanctum Sanctorum) of this cave temple is the golden Sudarshana Chakra of Lord Vishnu. The adornment as well as the weapon is a symbol by which this temple is identified from as far as 6 km. It is said that many years ago the chakra moved in the direction from which the devotees came as if like a compass guiding them towards the temple.






Lord Narasimha is believed to have been worshiped by sages (rishis). The region of Yadagirigutta is reputed to be a "Rishi Aradhana Kshetram" or the place of worship for sages.