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Uttar Pradesh



Sacred Tanks in Uttar Pradesh



Syama Kund and Radha Kund





Radha Kund / Syama Kund are located about 26 km west of Mathura.

Syama kund appeared after Lord Krishna killed the demon Aristasura. Because Aristasura was in the form of a bull, the gopis told him that he had made an offence and had to purify Himself by bathing in all the holy tirthas. Rather than travel to all the holy places, the Lord brought all the holy places to that spot. He struck the ground with His heel and immediately all the waters from all holy rivers appeared. This place became known as Syama kund.

In a competitive mood, the gopis led by Radha also created a kund by digging the earth with their bangles. All the holy rivers then petitioned Radha to allow them to enter Her new Kund. Thus Radha kund appeared. In the center of Radha Kund is a small walled-in area called Kancana Kund. This kund is said to mark the location of the original kund that Radha and the gopis dug with their bangles.


Radha kund and Syama kund were unknown for a long time until they were discovered by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in 1515. Any person who bathes in the sacred waters of Radha / Syama kund is believed to blessed by Lord Krishna.

Airavat Kund, Jatipura, Govardhan

Jatipura, Govardhan






It is a historic kund situated on the parikrama marg of Goverdhan near Jatipura village in Mathura.  Legend has it that when Indira the king of heaven realized his mistake of under estimating the child Krishna, he came here on his elephant vehicle Airavata and tendered an apology to Krishna.  It is said that the elephant Airavata fetched water from this kund and did abhisheka to the child Krishna.  The kund is spread over an area of 12 acres and contains some of the best structures for water harvesting in the Govarthan area.  It was last restored by the king of Bharatpur in the 17th century AD.  Since then it has been long neglected.  The Braj foundation took up of the work of desilting and cleaning the kund which soon started yielding sweet water.




Brahma Kund, Chaumuha (Mathura)





Picture Source: Brahma Kund-http://www.brajfoundation.orgbrahma_kund_brahmajhadi.html )


It is situated on the Delhi – Agra Road (NH-2) near the town of Chaumuha.   There is a tradition that the Brahma Vimohan Lila took place here during the time of Lord Krishna.  The legend is that once Lord Brahma stole the cows and cowherd boys of Krishna.  Unperturbed by this, the child Krishna materialized a number of cows and cowherd boys and stayed at Braj.  Abashed by this, Lord Brahma did penance at Brahma Jhadi.  He also took bath in the Chandra Sarovar.  Hence the name Chaumuha meaning the four heads of Brahma.





Brahma Kund

Vrindavan, Mathura



(Picture source:


The kund is located at Vrindavan near Mathura.  It contains 8 ancient kunds which have associations with Krishna leela.  It is the most venerated site at Vrindavan.  Many legends are associated with this kund:  It is believed that this kund is the Brahma sthan.  Lord Shiva took bath in this kund as advised by Paurnmasi Ji, to get rid of Gopi bhaav sin.  Narad Ji took bath in this kund as directed by Yogmayaji.  Srila Rupa Goswami found the deity of Vrinda Devi from this kund and installed it in Kamyavan.  Bilva Mangal Thakur, the great saint did Bhajan for long time at this kund.  Meera Bai spent her first night in Vrindavan on the eastern ghat of this kund.  In 1600 AD, the Orchhas ruler Raja Bir Singh Deo was first king who restored the kund and in 1882, the British District Collector of Mathura found it in a state of ruin.





Dohini Kund

Chiksauli village of Barsana (Mathura)




It is situated in the village of Chiksauli of Barsana near Mathura. There is an interesting legend connected with this kund.  Once Radha was milking a cow and the child Krishna offered to teach her to milk the cows properly.  She innocently agreed and Krishna mischievously directed the milk stream on her face.  It is said that the Krishna milked the cows to such an extent that the kund was filled with milk. As per the local tradition, the kund was last restored during the reign of Emperor Akbar.




Garurd Govind Kund


Garurd, Chhatikara (Vrindavan)



Picture source: httpwww.brajdhamsewa.orgbrajleela-places-of-brajgarud-govind-kund-chhatikara)


This kund is located close to Mathura on the highway to Delhi.   This ancient temple contains a rare and exquisite idol of Lord Krishna seated on Garuda (Eagle).  It is believed that the infant Krishna’s Chati pujan was held here.  It is also said that Garudji came here to tender his apology for the bewilderment he had in Treta yuga.  There is also a legend that Lord Krishna granted a boon at this site to Kaliya snake that henceforth the snakes need not fear Garud.  This is reason why the Kaalsarp pujan is performed at this place.  As is usual in India, a water reservoir is attached to the temple.  However, the upkeep of this has been sadly neglected.  Hence, the Braj foundation has taken up of work of cleaning the temple tank and now it is filled with clean water and is used by the pilgrims for their ablutions.




Jai Kund

Jait (Mathura)




According to Hindu mythology, it was at this place that Lord Krishna killed the demon Aghasur who had assumed the form of a python.  In gratitude, the kund was named Jai kund and the village came to be known as Jait.  Thousands of pilgrims come to this holy place as it is associated with the exploits of Lord Krishna.





Potra Kund

Mallapura, Mathura



Picture source:http://en.m.wikipedia.orgwikiFilePotra_Kund.jpg)


The birthplace of Lord Krishna is situated within the Mallapura area of Mathura.  There is a large pond here called Potra kund which is believed to have been situated within Kamsa’s Prison.  It is said that Vasudeva and Devaki used to take bath in this kund.  It was originally known as Pavithra kund but later came to be called Potra kund.





Mansa Kund

Pasauli, Mathura



(Picture source:


This site is associated with a story in the Mahabharata.  It is said that once Vichitravirya doubted the chastity of Bhishma and Queen Satyavati.  On being disabused of his doubt, Vichitravirya felt ashamed and approached Bhishma as to what was the penance he should perform to be absolved of his sin.  Bhishma advised him to immolate himself and it is believed that Vichitravirya did so at this place.  Hence the site has been sanctified and it is named as Mansa Kund.





Nag Kund

Vindhyachal, Mirzpur district


(Picture source:


There is a legend that this kund was built by a king of the Nag dyanasty.  It is situated on the right bank of the River Ganga and has 52 ghats.  It is considered very auspicious to bathe in this kund on the occasion of Nag Panchami (July – August).




Lalita Kund

Nand Gaon


(Picture source:


This great tirth was established by Sri Lalita Ji and it is said that it is difficult to attain this tirth even by the gods.  The legend says that Lalita ji wanted to unite the two lovers Lord Krishna and Shri Radha Rani and hence she established this tirth.  East of Nandigram, there is Surya Kund where the Sun god became ecstatic on sighting Lord Krishna. ]



(Source: 1_360074_blog)



Rudra Kund

Jatipura, Govardhan



It is located on the parikrima path of Govardhan.  It is said in the 13th verse of 2nd chapter of Giriraj Khand that Lord Shiva became so fond of the Giriraj festival that he, along with Parvati , ensconced himself at this place.  Hence, there is Shiva temple nearby which is known as “Budhe Baba” (Old Grandfather)





Vrishbhanu Kund

Barsana, Mathura






This kund is situated near the Barsana town of Mathura district.  The mythological story is that it was built by the father of Radha Rani and Raja Vrishbhanu who was the king of Vrishbhanupur.  The present structure can be dated to the 13th century AD and subsequent additions in the early 18th century AD.  The tank was also restored during this period.  A pillar describing the history of this kund is available at this site.




Brahm pond



This pond is situated on the way from Rajferry to Tedi market in Ayodhya. According to the ancient legend, God Brahma is suppose to have performed a Yaga here. Nearby is the temple of Brahlok. It is said that Guru Nank deva visited this pilgrimage site.



Dant Dhavn pond




Dant Dhavn pond situated near Hanuman Ghati.According to the popular legend the Brahman Kaundilya lived in this place. Kaundilya used to do penance sitting on a deer skin. It is said that one day the skin fell into the pond and turn into a live deer. During the festioval of Rama Navami, the pond gains importance.




Vidah pond




Vidha pond is situated at Darshnagar road in Ayodhya . It is said that the goddess of knowledge   blesses those who take a dip in this pond . It is also believed that onc’s wishes are fulfilled if we pray at this pond.




Vibhishan pond



Vibhishan kund is situated on the Rajferry road near the  post office. It is believed that by taking a dip in this pond one’s wishes are fulfilled.




Dashrath pond




 This pond is situated in Aashifnagar muhlla Darshan Nagar road in Ayodhya. The pond is name after the King Dashrath, father of lord Ram.It is believed that taking a dip in this pond fulfill one’s wishes.



Surya pond



This pond is situated about  6 k.m away from Ayodhya. There is a popular story  that the Suryvanshi King Ghosh once came here for hunting.He decided to settle here. The King was suffering from leprosy, however after taking a bath in the pond his disease was cured.Hence,  the king built a temple to lord Surya here. It is also believed that taking a bath in this pond relieves one  from all diseases


Bhart pond



This pond is situated at Nandigram on the Allahabad road 12 k.m away from Ayodhya. According to the epic Ramayana, Bharatha administred  the kingdom of Aodhya while Lord Ram was  in exile. He worshipped the paduka of lord Ram. There is a temple dedicated to Bharath and Hanuman near the pond.


Vshishth pond


This pond is situated from some distance away from Chakratirath. According to mythology, the sage Vshishth and his wife Anrudhati used to live here. There is an idol of Vamdeva erected here. There is a popular belief that by taking a dip in this pond, one can gain great knowledge like sage Vshishth. Idols of guru Vshishth, Ram ,Laxman, Bharat, Shatughan and Mata Sita are also found at this site.


Sugriva pond



This pond is located in Brgdhiya muhlla of Ayodhya. It is widely believed that taking a dip in this pond fulfills one’s wihes.

Sita pond this pond is situated near Vidha pond. It is especially popular among the  Rshik community. According to the local belief, a newly married couple goes to this pond at night and prays to Matha Sita for a happy married life. The importance of the pond is increased during the Janki Navmi festival.



Laxmi pond





Laxmi pond is situated in Lalbag muhlla in Faizabad. This pond is also known as Shri Sarovar. A fair is organized during the occasion of  Sharad purnima.


Gaya pond



Gaya pond is located in Nandi village near the Bharath pond.  It is believed that those people are unable to travel to Gaya to pay respects to the ancestors can come here to worship


Kharju pond



 Kharju pond is situated near Darshan road of Ayodhya. It is believed that a dip in this pond cures a person of skin diseases.

Jata pond



This pond Khrhra village on the Bhart kund- Bhadras road. Mythology says that  the lord Ram asked  Bharath to take a dip in this pond after cutting his hair


Strughan pond




Strughan pond is situated on  the Dostpur road from Strughan kund Bhadras market. It is a pond named after  Shatraghun,  the brother  of lord Ram. It is believed that taking a bath in this pond fulfills one’s wishes.


Vrahspti pond


This pond is situated  on the  four ways road square of Tedi market on the Ayodhya – Faizabad highway. There is a popular belief that taking a dip in this pond fulfills one’s wishes.


Agni pond


The Agni pond is situated Jaisinghpur village near Vidya pond on the Ayodhya - Darshan Nagar road.  It is widely beleieved that Lord Ram perform many yagas at this site after returing from exile.


Nirmli pond


This pond is one of the oldest ponds of Ayodhya. , It is situated in Gutarferry.


Vaitrni pond



This pond is situated in Keshvpur village on the  Ayodhya Darshan.  . There  is a belief that taking a dip  in this pond gives relief to those going to  Yam lok.