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Thirunallar is a small town in Karaikal, in the Union Territory of Puducherry. It is most noted for the shrine of Lord Sani (Saturn) - Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple, within the Darbharanyeswaran temple complex dedicated to a form of Lord Shiva. 




The images of four great Saiva Saints Appar, Sundarar, Thirugnanasambandar and Manickavasagar and 63 Nayanmars are represented at the Southern pragara of the temple. The other notable deities on the western side are swarna vinayaga and Subramaniar.















The image of Lord Saneeswara is seen in a graceful standing pose housed in Niche on the left side of the Lord Dharbaranyeswara.  Since the principal Deity Lord Dharbaranyeswara and his consort "Bhogamartha poon Mulayal" as called Praneswari have the power to offer benediction to the devotees, hundreds of them visit this temple daily. 




This is considered as one of the most powerful temples in the entire southern India, as there is a belief among the locals that one who visits the place never have their desires remain unfulfilled. Whenever (planet) Saturn transits from one zodiac sign to another (an occurrence roughly every 2.5 years), millions throng this shrine for worship. 
















The Sthala Vriksham is Dharba (grass). Nala Theetham, Brahma Theertham and Saraswathi Theertham are considered very sacred. 
















Of all these theerthams (sacred bathing places), the Nala theertam is the most important one. The legendary King Nala is said to have been relieved of his afflictions caused by the malefic influence of Saturn, after worshipping in this temple. It is believed that by bathing here, one washes off all kinds of misfortunes and afflictions caused by one's past karmas. The pilgrims have to take a bath in the Nala Theertham before offering prayers to the God. 















A lot of People visit the place every Saturday to get blessings. The uniqueness of the Thirunallar Shani temple is that it is the only temple in which Lord Shani is seen in blessing posture.