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| Last Updated:: 04/09/2023










Thirukolur located at a distance of 4 km from Alwarthirunagari is known for Sri Vaithamanidhi Permual Temple, which is one of the Nava Tirupathis - nine Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. 
















It is located in Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu on the southern bank of Thamirabarani River. This is the eighth temple of Nava thirupathi and is for the planet mars (Angaraka sthalam). It is also called as Kuberasthalam. 




The presiding deity is Sri Vaittha Maanidhi perumal in a sleeping posture on Adisesha with the wooden measurement tool (Marakkal) as his pillow to measure the wealth and looking at the palm of his left hand to watch over location of the wealth.  It is believed that people pray here are blessed with great wealth. 
















As per legend, Kuberan lost his wealth as a curse by Lord Shiva and to regain it he prayed to Lord Vishnu at this place. Since the Lord gave him back part of his wealth, the Lord is called Vaithamanidhi. The utsavar (procession deity) is called Nithya pavithran. There are separate shrines for both the goddesses (thayars). 




The temple tank is called Kubera theertham and vimanam is known as Srihara vimanam. Madhurakavi Alvar, one of the twelve alvars was born here. 




The Garuda Seva utsavam(festival) in the month of Vaikasi(May-Jun) witnesses 9 Garudasevas, a spectacular event in which festival image idols from the Nava Tirupathi shrines in the area are brought on Garuda vahana (sacred vehicle). An idol of Nammalvar is also brought here on a Anna Vahanam (palaquin) and his paasurams (verses) dedicated to each of these 9 temples are recited.  This is the most important of the festivals in this area, and it draws thousands of visitors.