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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Thangal Para







Thangal Para is a Muslim sacred site located at Kolahalamedu near Vagamon. It stands at a height of more than 2500 feet above sea level near the Vagamon hill range. This place can be reached via Vagamon which is well connected with Kottayam as well as Idukki. The Thangal para is a unique rock formation on top of a rocky hill which has some devotional and spiritual significance among devotees.






There is something magical about the hills. The place is not only a Muslim pilgrim site in Kerala but also boasts of offering some amazing views as it is surrounded by lush grasslands, thick forests and meadows. It is said that about 800 years ago, Husrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba, a Sufi saint arrived in these rolling hills along with 40 followers. He stayed on and his teachings were widely accepted. The huge rock you see near the dargah, it is said, was the rock on which the Baba used to grind his paan. After the death of the saint the rock started growing enormously and the tomb of the saint lies right in front of the huge rock. There is a small perennial water source between the cracks of the rocks that does not dry up even in the harshest summer.





The Urs held in April is the main festival here. During the festival, a special sweet dish called Ganjusakkar is made and offered to all. Thousands gather at the hill and offer prayers on this special day.