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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023

Thalavanur Cave Temple








Located nearby Mandagapattu,  at Thalavanur in Villupuram district the Thalavanur Satrumalleswara swamy cave temple was excavated by Mahendravarma- I. This cave temple is celebrated exclusively for its Makara Thorana, the ornamented entrance.




The central mandapa pillars have large medallions carved on each face of the square sections at the base and top. Steps lead to the entrance between these pillars. Above the entrance is an elaborately carved lintel. The temple houses door guardians flanking a linga. Above this, a gently curved cave has a row of equally spaced candrasalas with carved faces. On either side of the mandapa facade are deep niches with gently-leaning Dvarpalakas. 













A small flight of rock-cut steps carved on the hill takes us to the shelters of Jain monks who probably meditated and rested there.