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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Tendong Hill









This hill of 2599.9 m is located about 13km from Ravangla in the state of Sikkim. It is believed to be a dormant volcano. The hill is surrounded by dense forests comprising of trees like Magnolia and Rhododendron. The forest is home to about 90 species of birds, Himalayan bears, leopards and red pandas. It commands a spectacular view of the Chola range in the east and the Singalila range and the majestic Kanchenjunga on the west and the Guru Dongmar peak and other mountains of north Sikkim on the north east.


The word Tendong in the Lepcha language means” the up raised Horn” .According to a legend of the Lepcha tribe, there was once a heavy downpour for 40 days and 40 nights and consequently there was a great deluge. The entire tribe was in great danger of being drowned. Miraculously, the hill rose and the people were able to ascend the peak and were thus saved. From that time onwards, the hill has been held in great reverence by the Lepcha tribe and is regularly worshiped.


Three day festival of Tenlong Lho Rum Faat is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Lepcha tribe.  This festival is celebrated to pay homage to the Almighty who saved their ancestors. The people make a model of the mountain made of nine stones and worship it. They wear a mask and sing and dance in order to get the blessings of the God. They believe that the God blesses them with wealth and health .This festival is celebrated on the third lunar month of each year, usually in the month of August.


Tendong hill is also renowned as a centre of Buddhist religion as there is a small monastery and a three storied watch tower on the top of the hill.  The Buddhist monks used to spend years meditating on the top of the hill.