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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Susunia hill









Forming part of the Eastern Ghats and situated in the north western part of Bankura district of West Bengal about 20 off Bankura town is the famous Susunia hill. It is 134.11m high and it is composed of stone from the Achaean era which is older than the Himalayas. Susunia Hill is a known archaeological and fossil site. Fossil remains of Asiatic lion, giraffe, hyena and many other animal species have been discovered from areas around. The so claimed 'oldest' rock inscription of West Bengal is located here. 




It covers an area of 3.2 There are different formations of rock on the hill, the most famous of which is shaped like a porcupine and is known as Porcupine Peak. The Gandeshwar River flows nearby.




A 5 feet tall monument opposite the waterfalls is worshipped as Narsinga (Lord Vishnu’s incarnation). There is also a temple of the Hindu Goddess Kali nearby. Susunia hill is famous for its natural beauty, its rich flora and fauna and its holy springs. It is also a repository of medicinal plants. The surrounding forests contains a profusion of Shal, Palash, Arjun , Amlaki and Mahua trees. There is a fountain at the foot of the hill whose waters are supposed to have medicinal properties.