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| Last Updated:: 25/08/2023









Botanical Name

Saccharum officinarum Linn.

Common Name

Sugarcane, Gannah (Hindi), Karumbu (Tamil), Vrihi / Dhanya Sarkara / Khanda (Sanskrit)



Cultivated throughout India




Religious association





Goddess Kamakshi with sugarcane bow





                                  Lord Ganesha                                                           Lord Kamadeva






Goddess Kamakshi is also shown holding sugarcane stalks. The plant is also associated with Lord Ganesha, who is often depicted holding a sugarcane bow – Ikshukarmukha. In India, an offering of sugarcane is made to Lord Ganesha, especially on Ganesha Chaturthi. The bow of Kamadeva, Hindu God of Love is made of sugarcane with honeybees on it.





Sugarcane in India is mainly used for manufacturing jaggery and sugar. It is also used in the preparation of many industrial chemicals. It is also used in Ayurveda to cure skin and urinary tract infections, bronchitis, heart problems, cough, anaemia and constipation.




Molasses along with cane juice and other by-products is fermented and then distilled to produce an alcoholic distillate called rum. The fibrous residue of sugarcane, called bagasse is used as a fuel and also as a fibre for making paper.