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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Shergol Cave





Shergol cave monastery is one interesting place to see on the way to Kargil. Placed at the centre of the mountain, the monastery gives an impression of being hanging out of the mountain. Though the monastery is small yet has some interesting and beautiful frescoes keeping visitors occupied during their visit to the monastery.


The main attraction is a small cave monastery which is visible from far as a white speck against the vertically rising ochre hill from which it appears to hang out. This old Buddhist monastery has elegant frescoes. It juts out of a brown, granite cliff and appears as if suspended in the middle of the mountain. This architectural quirk makes it an object of curiosity among local people too. Below this small monastery is a larger Buddhist nunnery with about a dozen incumbents.  It is also the approach base for visiting Urgyan-Dzong, a meditation retreat lying deep inside the mountains surrounding the Wakha River valley.