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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Shatrunjaya hill







Situated about 215 kilometers from Ahmedabad and about 62 kilometers from Bhavnagar in Gujarat, the Shatrunjaya hill near Palitana, is considered to be the most sacred of the five holy hills of the Jains.




This hill, with the Shatrunjaya River flowing south of it, rises in a crescendo of 863 temples that soar in marvellous splendour to the top. With an altitude of 603 meters, this hill has the largest number of temples anywhere in the world at such a height. These temples have been built over an impressive span of 900 years. One can reach the summit of the hills by climbing 3750 stone steps carved into the mountain. The climb is 3.5km from the base.










It is believed that Rishabdeoji, the first of the Jain tirthanakras attained his nirvana on this hill. To commemorate the event, according to Jain scriptures, the first temple on the hill was built by King Bharat, son of Rishabdeo. The ancient history of the hills is also traced to Pundarika Swamy, a chief Ganadhara and grandson of Rishabha, who attained salvation here. His shrine located opposite to the main Adinatah temple, built by his father Bharata, is also worshipped by pilgrims.



The pilgrimage is known as "Shri Shantrunjay Teerth Yatra". It occurs from the Poornima day (Full Moon Day) of Kartik month according to the Hindu calendar (October–November as per the Gregorian calendar). 



Jains assemble at the foot of the hills to undertake the yatra (religious journey). During this yatra, considered a great event in the lifetime of a Jain, pilgrims circumambulate the Shatrunjaya hills covering a distance of 216 kilometres (134 mi) on foot, offering prayers.