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| Last Updated:: 25/08/2023

Sandpaper Tree










Botanical Name

Streblus asper Lour.

Common Name

Sandpaper Tree, Sihora (Hindi), Parai maram (Tamil), Sakhota (Sanskrit)


Throughout India 


Religious association













The tree is associated with Lord Dharukavaneswarar at Tirupparaithurai, Tamil Nadu. It is believed that the Lord emerged in the form of a swayambu lingam under this tree.






The leaf of the plant possesses anti-bacterial properties. The roasted resin of the leaves controls dysentery. The latex heals cracks in the hands and heels and eases swelling of the lungs when taken internally. The wood from the tree is used to make cartwheels. The dry leaves of the tree can be used like sandpaper to rub and clean woodwork.