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| Last Updated:: 14/07/2023

Sacred Groves - Kerala








The sacred groves in Kerala are locally known as Ayyappan kaavu or Sasthan kaavu, Bhagavathi kaavu or Amman kaavu, Vanadevatha and Cheema or Cheerumba depending upon the ownership and the deities to whom these groves are dedicated.  1096 sacred groves have been documented in the state.


Sastha, Bhagavathi, Sarpa kaavu, Amman, Kamaljai, Mariai, Bhavani and Bhagavathi are the deities to whom these groves are dedicated. Serpent worship is an important feature of sacred groves in the State, as nearly all kaavus have images of snakes.









White dammar, Night-flowering jasmine, Black varnish tree, Niepa bark tree, Santa Maria tree, Ceylon Ironwood and Tamarind are among the most commonly found plant species in the sacred groves





List of Sacred Groves in Kerala