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| Last Updated:: 26/08/2023

Sacred Gardens





Meenakshi Amman Temple , Madurai, (Tamil Nadu)




Sacred gardens are an ancient tradition in many major cultures, including our own. They are the cultivated counterparts of the sacred groves and are a place for meditation, spiritual awakening and celebration.Although, there is less archaeological evidence of early gardens in India, the Hindu scriptures and books (Ramayana, Abijnana Shakuntalam, Mrichchakatika etc.) give remarkably detailed description of elaborate gardens with flowerbeds, lotus ponds, fruiting trees, creepers and shady spaces. In fact, gardens are a symbol of paradise in Hindu philosophy and art.






Nandavanam – Divine plays (leelas) of Hindu Gods are often depicted in gardens. Most Hindu temples are therefore associated with gardens, also known as Nandavanam. These gardens are usually managed and maintained to serve the temple. Example: the Thirunandavanam or Madurakavi nandavanam attached to the Ranganathar temple at Srirangam.



Buddhists gardens – In Buddhism, gardens are described as a place for meditation and healing. There were beautiful gardens in Nalanda and Taxila. It is even believed that Lord Buddha was born under a tree at the Lumbini garden (now in Nepal), which is now listed as a World Heritage Site. The monasteries played a central part of the life in the monasteries during early periods. Even today, monasteries in India have attractive gardens attached to them.



Bagh (Bagicha) – They are ethno-silvi-horticultural gardens, traditionally planted near tanks, settlements or amidst forests, especially in the northern parts of our country. The biodiversity mainly consists of utility trees such as Mangifera indica, Madhuca latifolia, Syzygium cuminii etc. Green felling is totally banned in these gardens. Also, there is temple or separate space dedicated to the Gods (or village deity). For example, an excellent Bagh exists near a village inside the Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary in Kota. 




Gardens of Paradise - Mughal Gardens are square or rectangular in shape, along the lines of Persian gardens. They are generally enclosed by a high wall with imposing gates on four sides. The garden is an orderly view of paradise. They are generally associated with tombs, since the soul of the dead person is believed to have reached paradise, which is replicated on earth in the garden. The tomb garden is called Char Bagh and is based on hasht-vihisht or eight paradises plan making a cross-axial garden.  The well-known tomb gardens of India are Humayun’s Tomb (1571), Delhi; Akbar’s Tomb (1613), Sikandra, Agra; Taj Mahal (1630), Agra; and Bibi Ka Maqbara (1661) Aurangabad. 


 Sacred Gardens of India (Spatial Map)











Sacred Gardens of India:







Andhra Pradesh





Tirumala –Tirupati Gardens








Jetavana Buddha Garden


Nalanda Buddhist Monastery Garden






Akshardham Temple


Humayun's Tomb Garden


Lodhi Gardens


Lotus Temple


Roshanara Garden


Safdarjung's Tomb Garden






Akshardham Temple 






Pinjore Gardens



Jammu & Kashmir



Achabal Bagh


Chashme Shahi Garden


Dara Shikoh Garden


Nasim Bagh


Nishat Bagh


Pari Mahal


Shalimar Gardens


Verinag Garden






Bidar Fort Gardens







Madhya Pradesh



Islamnagar Gardens


Kaliadeh Palace Garden


Mai ki Bagiya


Sanchi Great stupa Garden






Bani Begum Garden


Bibi ka Maqbara Garden


Daulatabad Fort Garden






Lalong Park






Ekamravan garden


Gundicha Temple Garden


Hanuman Vatika


Rajarani temple garden


Rani Sati Temple garden






Aam Khas Bagh


Ram Bagh






Amer Fort Gardens


Deeg Palace Gardens


Dholpur Lotus Garden


Kanak Vrindavan Garden 


Mandore Gardens


Ranakpur Jain Temple Garden


Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh



Tamil Nadu



Koodal Azhagar Koil


Madanagopalaswamy Temple Garden


Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple


Mannargudi Rajagopalswamy Temple Garden


Sri Oppiliappan Temple Garden


Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple Garden


Srirangam  Madurakavi Nandavanam


Srivilliputhur Andal Nandavanam


Thiruvanaikkaval Vaaleeswarar Temple Garden





Uttar Pradesh



Akbar‘s Tomb


Bara Imambara Garden


Etimad-ud-Daula's Tomb


Khusrau Bagh


Kushinagar Buddhist garden


Mehtab Bagh


Ram Bagh




Sikandar Bagh


Taj Mahal Garden


Vrindavan Gardens


Zenana Garden 



West Bengal



Pareshnath Jain Temple