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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Rivona caves





Rivona caves are situated at Rivona village. It is one of the charming villages in Goa. It is located within 5 km from Ponda at the south side of Goa. It is also popularly called as Pandava caves. It is believed that as this cave was carved out by Buddhist monks in 6th or 7th century for meditation purpose.


Other Attractions


Other interesting thing to view in Rivona caves is Pitha, which is considered as the seat of teacher. It is carved out of laterite that adds more beauty to Pitha. The chief entrance of this cave is located near a small tank. The well is located at the bottom of the rock. One can also see lord Hanumans sculpture carved in 16th century at the entrance door . This entrance door  leads  to the upper level cell on the cave.