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| Last Updated:: 29/08/2023

River Thamirabarani


Place of Origin

Periya Pothigai hills in Tamilnadu


130 km


Bay of Bengal (near Tuticorin)


Religious significance



The river has been historically known as Podhigai. It finds mention in the ancient Sangam and Tamil texts. It is also glorified in the Thamirabarani-mahathmiyam




The Tirunelveli Sthala-purana narrates the story of the river's appearance. At one time, the sage Agasthiyar was asked by Lord Shiva to move to the South. Preparing him for the journey, Parvati Devi filled the sage's kamandala with water from the Ganges. On his arrival at Pothigai, Agasthiyar released the water and it transformed into the holy Tamraparni River. 




In the Mahābhārata (3:88) the river is mentioned as "Listen, O son of Kunti, I shall now describe Tamraparni. In that asylum the gods had undergone penances impelled by the desire of obtaining salvation".






Ecological significance 




The river is one of the two perennial rivers in Tamilnadu, the other being Cauvery.