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| Last Updated:: 21/09/2023

Pemayangtse hill






Set amidst an area known for its scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere about 140km from west of Gangtok is the Pemayangtse Hill which rises to a height of 2378m. The name can be literally translated as “Perfect Sublime Lotus”.  The famous Nyingmapa monastery is situated atop the hill, overlooking the Rabdentse ruins.  It is one of the important pilgrimage centres for the Buddhists. Inside the monastery is the famous Santhokpalri which is said to have been revealed in a dream to Dungzin Rimpoche and was carved by him singlehandedly. The temple was constructed in the 17th century by Lhatsun Chempo; later it was reconstructed into its present shape by Lama Jigme Pawo during the reign of Chogyal Chador Namgyal.  The monks at this monastery are entrusted with the important task of performing all the royal ceremonies. A major event that attracts the pilgrims is the Chaam festival (masked dance) held every year on 28 th and 29 th of the 12th lunar month of the Tibetan calendar. The festival culminates in the unfurling of a huge Gyoku (embroidered thangka) and the zapping of evil demons with a great fire ball.