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| Last Updated:: 02/11/2022

Pandav Caves






The picturesque Satpura ranges around Pachmarhi town hide countless natural and historical marvels. One of them is right inside the town - five rock-cut temples known as Pandav Caves.






According to the local mythology Pandavas were living in these caves for 12 - 13 years while hiding away from their enemy relatives. One of brothers, Arjuna, taught music to Nagpati, he wedded daughter of Nagraj Vasu who lived in Nagdwari some 15 km from Pachmarhi.


According to the legend five caves were made for each of the brothers - Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Nakul, Sahdeo, Bhima and for their wife - Draupadi.



Draupadi Cave (Draupadi Kuti) is the most spacious and best ventilated one. Bhima's Cave (Bhim Kothari) is the darkest of them all.