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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Padapadma Gumpha and Sita Gumpha





Kapilas is a short range of hills roughly forming the boundary of Cuttack and Dhenkanal districts.  The entire extent of the hill range together with the surrounding areas is covered with dense jungle. The forest on the Dhenkanal side is known as Kapilas Reserved Forest. The Kapilas hill range consists of numerous peaks, the loftiest among them is called Kapilas.



The hills have around the place some caves which are also visited by pilgrims. Some of the caves are associated with Puranic stories that have great appeal to the pilgrims. Padapadma Gumpha, Kendupania Gumpha and Sita Gumpha are the names of some of these caves. Mahima Gosain spent 24 years (1838-1862) on these hills in meditation.