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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023

Namakkal Caves








Namakkal or Namagiri is a city and a municipality in Namakkal district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The name Namakkal derives from Namagiri, which is the name of the single rock formation at the center of the town. Two cave temples at Namakkal are called as Adiyendra Vishnugrha (Ranganatha swamy Temple) and Adiyanavaya Vishnugrha (Narasimha swamy Temple).These Rock cut shrines were built by King Gunaseela of Adhiyaman clan descendant. Because of his marriage relations with Pallavas the temples were built of Pallava Architectural style during 7th century. 



Namagiri Lakshmi Narasimhaswami Temple has a beautiful "swayam udbhava" (naturally formed) murti of Lord Vishnu in the form of Sri Narasimha Swami. This ancient cave temple is carved out of an imposing hill. There is a separate shrine for Goddess Namagiri Lakshmi. It was in front of Namagiri Narashimhaswami; Saint Purandaradasa composed his famous song "Simha Rupanada Sri Hari, Namagirishane.”

















The Namakkal Fort on top of the rock is said to have been built during the Madurai Nayak regime. On the eastern side of this rock is the cave temple of Sri Ranganatha lying on the serpent Karakotaka. It is called Sri Ranganatha Temple. In the same cave temple the Lord is seen in Sankara Narayana Thiruk kolam and on the other side Vamana Avatharam is engraved. 














The myth says the cave temples were constructed by Viswakarma (Divine Mason) but the Archeological Survey says that the caves were constructed by Adhiyaman rulers who ruled over Kongu, The cave sculptures were engraved by Gunsila Adhiyan Kula, King during 7th Century.