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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Masrur Rock Cut Temples






Masrur is 32 km from Kangra on Nagrota Surian link road and is famous for remarkable group of rock cut temples. They form a group of 15 monolithic rock cut temples in the Indo Aryan style and are richly carved. These richly ornamented cave temples are the only rock shrines in the northern part of India.The main shrine contains three stone images of Ram laxman and Sita but the presence of the figure of Shiva in the centre of the lintel affords a strong presumption that the temple was originally dedicated to Mahadeva. 


The design and planning of the temples represents an early (possibly - the earliest) example of Nagara style in architecture. This is very important style in Hindu temple architecture, with characteristic beehive formed towers.


Shrine of Shiva and Rama


The 15 temples form a single group with a larger temple - Thakurdwara shrine - in the centre. 14 temples are cut only from the outside, but Thakurdwara is also cut from the inside. All temples are (or were) covered with intricate stone carvings of high quality but the most elaborate carvings adorn Thakurdwara.













The entrance in this central temple is faces east. Entrance part has four massive columns. Further entrance in the main shrine - garbgriha - leads through especially ornate stone door. Inside the shrine are black stone images of Lord Rama, Sita and Laxmana. In the centre though stands a figure of Shiva.