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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Markandeya Hill








Markandeya, the name of a sage. The Markandeya hill is situated near the town of Vokkaleri in Kolar district of Karnataka State. There is a temple and also a reservoir of the same name in Kolar district. This site has been named after Sage Markandeya. According to local belief, this place had been used by Markandeya for performing tapas.






Markandeshwara temple atop the Markandeshwara hill is a 15th century Ganga monument that stands on a beautiful hill top. It is said that the great sage Markandeya meditated to escape the strong clutches of Yama (death) with great devotion to Lord Shiva, here. A temple stands as a testimony to it.






The temple is on the hill and has many things that give us the proof. Currently there are three finger marks on the Lingam and a mark of the whip inside the well situated in the temple. Earlier there were footsteps of the Bull on which Yama had come, Yama’s body prints when he got faint and the marks of whip from where Yama threw till the Lingam. Unfortunately due to the renovation and temple developmental activities, stones have been paved everywhere, in the compound and inside the temple which has buried the prints.





Highlights of this Temple:

  • The temple has a history of more than thousand years and is believed to be constructed by Cholas
  • Lord Shiva in form of Markandeshwara is worshiped here.
  • Believed to have links with Markandeya Purana. Markandeya - son of sage Bhrigu is said to have conducted poojas here & hence the spot is named after his name.
  • The temple is situated on a Hillock known by "Markandeya Hill / Betta"
  • Other sanctums include Bhairaveshwara , Nandeeshwara Nandi idols