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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023

Marai Cave






Marai Cave, also known as Krem Marai in local parlance, is a sacred site that finds mentions in several mythological legends and folklore of Meghalaya. Located 16 kms from Shillong in East Khasi hills district, locals believe that descendants of the Syiems, who ruled the Mylliem and Khyrim kingdoms, came through these caves. 

There is another story associated with this cave, which states that, the only daughter of Shillong Peak's presiding deity lived here. Several slab-shaped rocks can be seen at the base of this cave, forming its unique and deep structure. While climbing to the cave, visitors come across rich verdure, rocky terrains and agricultural tracts. The frontal portion of this cave commands a panoramic view of Shillong with lofty mountains and urban settlements.