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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Manyamkonda Hills






Manyam Konda 630 Metres is Height is 120 km from Hyderabad, 20km from mahaboobnagar. There is a 500 year old temple of Lord Venkateswara situated on a hill top. There is also a temple of Lord Shiva.Its








Pillala marri is an important place of interest near Mahabubnagar is a famous banyan tree called Pillalamarri, which is about 8-km from the city. The famous 500 yr. old Banyan tree here, covering an area of over three acres.




There is a shrine of a Muslim saint under the tree. From a distance the tree presents the appearance of a small hillock with green foliage but on reaching nearer, it looks like a large green umbrella under which about thousand people can easily take shelter.







The Lord venkateswara swamy temple is the main statue is self formed in the cave. In the ancient days sages spiritual gurus like Narasimha Yogi, Kasirayalu, Ettepu Ramayogi, Veerappaiah, Yanumaddhasu were believed to have meditated here and hence it is known as Munulakonda. With the passage of time it has been referred to as Manyam Konda. Here piligirms can have a glimpse of the ancient caves where the sages gurus were believed to have practiced penance.