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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Mama Bhagne pahar









Mama Bhagne Pahar  is a hilly area of natural  rock formation situated near Dubrajpur town of the district of  Birbhum in West Bengal. The area is not more than 1 and is also refered to as "Pahdeswar ,” or  God of the  rock”or  Bongaburu  according to the belief of the Santhal tribes. It forms part of the extreme eastern part of the Chota Nagpur Plateau. It is also colloquially known as “Mama – Bhagne” (Uncle and nephew)



This area is famous throughout West Bengal for its almost spherical natural boulders of granite rock, one balancing on the top of the other.The granite is grey and composed of glassy quartz, pink , grey feldspar and black mica. It is crowded with rocks of various sizes and shapes arranged in fantastic formations.









There are two legends associated with this place.  One says that, when Lord Ram decided to wage war against Ravana, he needed to build a bridge across the sea. He, therefore, went the Himalayas to pick up suitable stones to build this bridge. As he was returning southwards, his horses took fright and some of the stones fell out of his chariot. The other story says that these stones were collected by  Vishwakarma at the command of  Lord Shiva who wanted to build a second Kashi at this spot. Vishvakarma collected the rocks and was about to commence the work when the day dawned and he left the place.