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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Mahuri Kalua Temple






Mahuri Kalua Temple is one of the important visiting cum picnic spots of the Southern part of Odisha. It is situated near Berhampur of Ganjam Dist. The place is named after the Goddess Mahuri Kalua, the prime deity of King of Mahuri. Presence of Dense forest and Hills makes the place more interesting for visitors.




There is an interesting story is associated with this place. The Goddess was established inside a Cave situated at the Hill Top where nobody can reach except the King and his Family.







As believed by the local people, the King of Mahuri was presented with a special sword by the Goddess that protected him from every danger. But one day the King lost the sword and was defeated by the Britishers. And after wards, the Goddess was worshipped by a Sabara on request of the King. The Sabara established the deity at the foot of the Hill, where everyone can access. Now with the help of Tourism Dept. of Odisha, steps have been built so that tourists can access the cave where the Goddess was earlier established.