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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Mahanaal cave






Mahanaal cave is situated 15 Km North to the village Rajbagh (Ujh) near village Jakhole in district Kathua and lies at a distance of 32 Km from the District Headquarters. This holy cave associated with Lord Shiva resembles the Sri Amarnath Ji cave in appearance and hence has religious importance. Inside this old natural holy cave, Lord Shiva has revealed himself in the form of a natural Lingum (Aap Shambu). There are numerous small natural water bodies full of diverse aquatic flora in the area surrounding the cave.






There is a baoli (water body) near the opening of the cave from which the devotees fill the water for pouring on the holy lingum. Besides, numerous small lingums of Shiva are fixed in a circle near it with one lingum and idol of Lord Shiva holding trident in the centre. The cave has a narrow opening through which only one person can enter to perform darshan and pooja of Lord Shiva at a time. There are idols of Ganesha, Nandi and Kaal Bhairavh at the mouth of the cave. Another cave lies opposite to the cave of Lord Shiva which has a series of temples of Mahashakti Maa Vaishnavi which have been built after1985 onwards. A waterfall adjoins both these caves which usually flows during rainy season and falls in a water pond at the bottom which remains full of water throughout the year. Devotees purify themselves by sprinkling water from this pond over them before entering the holy cave.









On 1st January a one day annual fair (Mela) is held at Mahanaal cave by the devotees of Lord Shiva in which people from all over the district and adjoining areas come to have darshan of Lord Shiva.