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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023

Kutumsar Cave








Kutumsar Cave, an underground cave in Dantewada district, is 330 metres in length and is believed to be the second longest natural cave in the world. It is about 32 km from Jagdalpur and was discovered in the year 1900. The road to the cave is not easily accessible; a torch is a must. The surroundings are forested.



There are stairs at the entrance and once inside, one can see stalactite formations. No sunlight reaches the cave and in little puddles of water there live blind fish and frogs. The cave has many connecting compartments. At the end of the cave is a stalagmite Shivalinga, which is revered by tribals and visitors alike.






All the caves are a geologist's delight as their rocks are said to be millions of years old. During the monsoons, the caves are closed for visitors. Since the area is full of dense forests, an experienced guide is essential. It is also dangerous to roam freely in the forest. Prior permission is required to visit this forested cave.






The other caves in the vicinity include the Kailash Cave and the Dandak Cave. The whole area of Bastar has many smaller caves such as Kanger, Karpan and Devgiri among others.