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| Last Updated:: 25/08/2023

Kusha grass










Botanical Name

Poa cynosuroides Retzius.

Common Name

Grass of lucky augury, Dharbai (Tamil), Kusha (Sanskrit)



Throughout India



Religious association





The Kusha grass or Dharbai is considered very sacred by all Hindus and is used in certain religious ceremonies, especially those performed in connection with ancestors. While performing these rituals, Hindu men usually wear rings made of two or five Dharbais, which is known as Pavithram.










It is sacred to the guardians of heaven, especially to Ketu and is considered as Lord Vishnu in the Vishnu Purana.




The grass is used to cure dysentery, urinary disorders and is also used as an antidote. It is a good cattle fodder and sand binder to prevent soil erosion.