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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023

Kondana Caves








Kondana Caves are located in small village, Kondana, 33 km north of Lonavala and 16 km North West of Karla Caves in Raigad district. This cave group has 16 Buddhist caves. The caves were excavated in first century B.C. The construction on wooden pattern is notable. One can reach to the cave by descending from Rajmachi village. The cave has only one inscription on the front of the Chaitya, which gives information about donors.






The Kondana caves enclose sculptures, vihara, cahitya and stupas, specimens of ancient Buddhist architecture. Although there was an earth quake in the early 1900s many stupas, the front entrance and the floor of the caves were damaged but what remains intact is the beautiful Chaitya that welcomes one to the rock cut caves that were created around 200 BC - 100BC.The carvings feature dancing men and woman all held together with octagonal pillars.